About Academy Schoolbooks

Since 2000, primary schools throughout Australia have received FREE 1B5 homework exercise books with safety awareness cartoons printed on the covers. These cartoons aim to teach children of primary school age various aspects of Safety Awareness.

The internal pages are the standard 7mm ruled line, and the books are supplied FREE on the understanding that children use the books for homework purposes, and that they are NOT covered unless clear dura-seal is used. Schools have the option to personalise the front cover with artwork of their choice, in many cases they enter the Academy School Book Nationwide cover artwork competition.

You could also choose to personalise your schoolbook covers with photos of the school, your school emblem and motto, your own designs, whatever you choose.

Underneath each safety message cartoon there is a space where local businesses place their details along with a support message for their local school and families. It is by way of these businesses supporting specific child safety awareness cartoons on the covers of the books that we can provide them FREE to schools throughout the country as we have done for the last 15 years.

Our latest Safety Messages include:

Melanoma Awareness

Encourages children to apply sun screen, wear a hat etc.

Online Chat Safety

Discusses the danger of meeting up face to face with people they meet on the internet.

5+ a Day

Encourages children to eat their fruit and vegetables.

Electrical Safety

Talks about the danger of power points.

Road Safety

Encourages children to “Stop, Look and Listen” plus the importance of wearing seatbelts.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Looking after the environment and keeping Australia green.

Water Safety

Encourages learning to swim and staying between the flags.

Cycle Safety

Wearing helmets and keeping bikes in good order is essential.

Drug Awareness

Warns of the dangers of peer pressure.

Dental Hygiene

Encourages healthy teeth through nutrition and hygiene.

Fire Danger

Just one match is all it takes.

Pet Care

Our pets need looking after too!